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My office is situated

Salzstraße 21 (top floor),
48143 Münster

"Salzstraße" is in the pedestrian zone in the centre of Münster. My office is in the same building with "Stadtwerke City Shop".

The entrance door for my chambers is in a side road between "Stadtwerke City Shop" and "Ihr Platz". The premises are situated on the 3rd floor and are handicapped accessible.

Coming from "Alter Steinweg" you find the connecting passage opposite of the exit-door of parking-deck "Parkhaus Alter Steinweg" between the shop "Calida Bodywear" and the revision-course-centre "Jura Intensiv Münster", Alter Steinweg 42.

Driving instructions:

You should make use of the parking-deck "Parkhaus Alter Steinweg", which is in the immediate vicinity of my office. The exit of the parking deck is opposite of the above mentioned connecting passage.

From the train-station you reach my office on foot in about 5 minutes. Leaving the train station you turn right and go some 300 m until you reach the big junction Servatiiplatz. Before the tower building "Iduna"-Hochhaus you turn left. You come to pass the "Promenade" (bicycle-lane around the centre of Münster) und arrive to the pedestrian-zone (Salzstraße).

You find my office about 300 m after the town museum of Münster (Stadtmuseum Münster) and shortly after the city manor house "Erbdrostenhof" on the right side in the above mentioned connecting passage in the building of "Stadtwerke City Shop".

Map and Directions
Map and Directions